Home to the worlds best wave

Supertubes Accommodation

Well known for its warm hospitality and shell strewn beaches, Jeffreys Bay is home to the worlds
best wave, Supertubes, named for its fast perfect tubes.

 Jeffreys Bay is situated along the Eastern Cape shoreline, this warm water town is renowned for it’s love of swimming and water sports all of which are enjoyed all year round. Envied by surfers and ocean lovers from all over the world, the beautiful sandy beaches of Jeffreys Bay are calling you to enjoy them…

With legendary waves and home to the best right hand surf break, this town is on every surfer’s bucket list! Bustling with visitors eager to catch that perfect wave, you’ll find the ultimate beach holiday here where relaxation is a must.

And when the waves are good, the locals show everyone how it’s done! This laid-back small town has the charm of big city hospitality. With plenty to keep you entertained, whether you’re the surfer taking on the challenge or the spectator enjoying every minute of the beach, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how welcoming and entertaining Jeffreys Bay is.

Completing your picturesque seaside vacation is Supertubes Accommodation in Jeffreys Bay. If you’re looking for comfort, convenience (just a short walk away from pristine sandy shores where every wave calls your name), relaxation and a memorable holiday, then you’ve found the perfect holiday home!

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